Bandwidth Issues

Is there any other way in setting the bandwidth on the modules other then using Prizm , I have hard set a customer’s SM to 512 down and 256 up , but when we do tests …the upload goes beyond the set limit . Any helpful info would be appreciated.

In your AP do you have the configuration source set to SM and not BAM?

The AP should have bandwidth config source set to SM. If you allow the SM to use burst speeds that could also affect the speedtest readings.

I have it set to both Bam and SM , should I just have it set to SM instead and see how that goes?

If you want to cap people at those rates you should have the following settings:

Sustained Uplink Data Rate : 256
Sustained Downlink Data Rate : 512
Uplink Burst Allocation : 0
Downlink Burst Allocation : 0

If you don’t set burst allocation people will be able to get higher speeds until the burst is used up.

i believe if the radio is in 2x it’ll double that rate.

Toasamoa wrote:
I have it set to both Bam and SM , should I just have it set to SM instead and see how that goes?

Yes, set to SM [u:1kf2thrm]only[/u:1kf2thrm].

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jay wrote:
i believe if the radio is in 2x it'll double that rate.

2X will not double that rate. It is also always better to do the throttling at each unit than it is to use a central system for many reasons. My entire network does all bandwidth control at the SM. A link test will always show the max possible throughput and ignore any bandwidth settings you have. You need to actually transfer data across the link using devices independent of the canopy equipment.

For a 512k/256k plan you need the following settings in the SM:
Sustained Uplink Data Rate (SM): 256 (kbit)
Uplink Burst Allocation (SM): 256 (kbit)
Sustained Downlink Data Rate (SM): 512 (kbit)
Downlink Burst Allocation (SM): 512 (kbit)

I’m with Matt. Push the filtering, and BW control out as far as possible.

This is the premise for distributed processing. By leveraging the relatively small processor of many SM’s you get a much more powerful, stable, and fault tolerant BW control system.

A central BW manager is prone to SW and HW issues that will affect all users.

Isn’t that in effect what BAM does for you in Prizm? Reads the bandwidth settings you have applied for the customer and pushes it out to the SM upon registration?

We don’t use Prism/BAM

Was probably a very wise choice. There are things I like about it, but otherwise I’ve been less than impressed with it.

Wifiguy, yes BAM and Prizm does that exactly.

You program the rateplan into Prizm. When the SM comes on line the AP makes a request to BAM/Prizm for authentication and provisioning. If BAM finds the SM in its DB it sends the OK to the AP and passes provisioning data to the SM and it is then allowed on the network. Failure to authenticate results in authentication failures.

Okay, just wanted to verify that. Thanks.


Are you sure about not doubling the rate in 2x?

This seems to say otherwise…

I remember a while back there was an issue where the 2x mode would double CIR rates. It’s going to double your top end burst speeds as well which will likely have some effect on speedtest results.