bandwidth limits

hello All,
I want to know how to limit the bandwidth of my clients. Is it in each individual SM or on the AP’s or OMNI, i’ll do the limiting ?

If you are not using BAM, then typically it’s done at the SM.

AP needs to be set so that the Configuration Source is the SM. In each SM set the up/down sustained speed and the up/down burst quantity.

Sustained is just that, it’s the constant rate of flow to/from the AP

Burst is a bucket. The bucket fills under normal usage. When a download is started, the bucket empties to the customer at whatever the max rate the SM is capable of until the bucket is empty, then the speed goes back to the sustained setting.

For example:
- An SM has a link <i>capable</i> of 5M down x 1.5M up to/from the SM.
- The sustained rates are set to 768x384
- The burst is set to 1500 x 750

The download speed will burst to 5Mbps until 1500k of data is used, then the speed goes back to 768k until the bucket gets a chance to refill.

Setting too small has little effect, setting too large allows one customer to use too much bandwidth.

Please I need to know how to use BAM to limit my clients bandwidth as i will be using one in the coming weeks.
What might be the process of it ?
Just want to prepared like the old boy scout lol
Please your advice and solutons are highly solicited
Thanks in advance

BAM is a software installation. Once you add a device in software, you can set the bandwidth limits.

Dear jerry,
I’ll like to know how to derive the sustained and burst rates in limiting bandwidth.
For example , if a clients pays say 64/128kpbs, what will be the sustained and burst rates or i should just fill out the space provided with the said bandwidth?
I should like your experience solution on it , please
thanks in advance

It depends on your total available bandwidth and # of subscribers.

Have you read the Canopy Operators manual on the subject?