bandwidth movement

it would be nice to have the ability to see realtime bandwidth movment in the sm like in kb’s not octets or add like a 1 meg ram to the sm so it could do a test download so i could easily rule out if the customers computer was the problem or not remotely.


Amen. Many radios have this feature which is invaluable. I am prone to setting refresh to 1sec and viewing Ethernet Stats and holding cursor so I can determing how many hundred kBps the radio is passing. If it can refresh those counters, seems it would be simple to just do the subtraction for us and display current kbps.

Mikrotik routers have interface BW, PPS and a graph if you like in ‘realtime’ at 1 sec intervals. Very handy.

How about adding packets per second while youre at it.

Moto, that in my head calc is getting old…