Bandwidth problem ePMP 1800

my device ePMP 1800 run then 4/5 hour later low bandwidth problem
my device configuring list

Operating Channel Bandwidth 40 MHz
Operating Frequency 5 660 MHz
Transmitter Output Power 24 dBm
|Antenna Gain|40 dBi|
Country Other
Downlink RSSI -62 dBm
Downlink SNR 38 dB
Uplink MCS MCS 15 - 64-QAM 5/6
Downlink MCS MCS 15 - 64-QAM 5/6

please give me some idea i can do this

Hello, @Rakib_Hosin!

Do you have an issue with Force 180?
It will me more convenient to submit a request on Cambium Support Center
There me or my colleague can provide you assistance.

Submitting request please provide such info:

  1. Link description. What is your F180 connected to?
  2. Is it new or old link? When did you start to observe the issue?
  3. Download Tech Support Files from both sides of the link with out rebooting devices.
    You can do it via GUI > Tools Backup / Restore > Backup Technical Support File < Download

epmp1800? is this a variant for another area? :joking: Do you mean ePMP Force 180 or epmp1000?
40dBi antenna? that would be a fairly large dish antenna of about 2m (6ft)! if you set this, please set it correctly to the actual antenna gain or you will get false information.

First thanks for the link stats but they dont really help, they just say that link wise, everything is fine. If you are the admin for this radio (not a customer having issues) then we will need more of the config (of course we dont need IP or MAC info) including which firmware you are running.

low bandwidth issues (from the ethernet side of things) is usually related to smart speed being enabled or MTU or arp cache timeouts. Not all devices properly implement this feature and if you have a device that has low-power ethernet features then the epmp radios tend to do weird things with smart speed enabled. MTU needs to be at least 1500 unless you are using additional l2/l3 protocols then it should be at least 1536. If you are using pppoe then mss clamping needs to be enabled.