Bandwidth Test is Better than Wireless Link Test Results

I have two PTP links that I switched to ePTP mode.

The "Wireless Link Test" tells me the Downlink is around 70Mb +- on both of these links but when I run a bandwidth test with the Mikrotik Routers I'm seeing 100Mb+- on the TCP test.

Not complaining just scratching my head on this one. Since I'm used to seeing the opposite.


Could you please share the screen shots of the report? Also please let us know what is the software version the radios are running and make sure they are upto date.

Please let us know the below details as well.

1. Which radio is near to the Microteck router? Is it ePMP Master?

2. Please confirm are you running the speed test from the Microtek router to the ePTP Slave radio?


Sanjay Kumar

does that test each direction one at a time?   i'm curious if your getting similar aggregate results.   the wireless link test i believe does both directions at the same time, and if your test one way then, the other your going to get a higher reading than the built in load test, but should see a similar aggregate capacity.    the eptp isn't a fix up and down ratio.


Just wanted to post some preliminary findings.


Today I was troubleshooting link 2 to 3.

Found that the alignment of the Slave was Junk but was still working.

Also the ePMPs for 2 to 3 were running  Version 2.6.1-RC1-DDR2-EPTP

I fixed the alignment and updated the firmware to 2.6.1

Results below

dur to jas mtk.jpg

Ive checked the alignment for the ePMPs on link 1 to 2 and they are good.

But running Version 2.6.1-RC1-DDR2-EPTP

Just wondering but when you run "Wireless Link Test" will it only show whats left in the link if there is other traffic?

Heres the Wireless Link Test results


49.525 Mbps


68.194 Mbps

1 to 2 was around 90Mb

Agreed with Chris. Wireless LInk Test is doing both directions while your mikrotik btest utility in the screenshot shows one way traffic. In non-(e)PMP radios you can specify test directions etc but not on ePMP at this time.