Bandwidth Throttling

Just new to the Cambium world.  Is there any way to throttle bandwidth on an SSID on my e410 AP using Maestro

Yep... there is... here's a basic outline... you'll need to onboard your radio into cnMaestro, create an AP group and a WLAN group, assign the radio to the AP and WLAN groups, and then modify the default template (or create new ones) for the WLAN group. Once you've modified it, you can push this template (either automatically or manually) out to the AP(s). Please read the cnMaestro On-Premises 2.2.0 User Guide 16-May-19, page 135 for further instructions. This is the area you're looking for:


I’ve set this to prevent internet traffic from saturating the internet backhaul but is there a way to add an exception so local server access is not throttled?

As of now, cambium APs do not support this configuration. Is this a vertical-specific requirement? ( MDU, K-12, retail, etc… ) can you share the details if possible.


Remove that config from AP and do it on the gateway / router.
AP cant do that with current firmware / firmwares.

Thanks for clarifying…I think k-13 would be the best template. It’s a community center here do do have some local servers for storage of mapping data (photogrammetry…so basically thousands of pictures) that would benefit from the unthrottled speed. I guess I’ll see if it’s more practical to have another ssid (perhaps with no gateway to the internet) or just hardwire the roaming laptop that brings that data in.