Bandwidth Utilization Reports


I have deployed a network of E400's and I'd like to be able to quickly see the bandwidth useage (max download/upload) of an AP, as well as the entire network, over a period of time.

I found where I can export a raw list of sent/received rates to excel, but I was looking for something a bit more intuitive/graphical.

Thank you for your help!


For an individual device...... 

If you click on an individual managed device, such as an E400, you should see a dashboard that includes a number of graphical items including throughput and client count over the last week.

Additionally, there are a set of horizontal tabs at the top of the screen.  Click on the PERFORMANCE tab to view charts with varying zoom levels (i.e. 4 hours, 1 day, 1 week).  

For a group of WiFi APs......

Place the APs into a SITE.  The site dashboard will will give you graphcial summaries of all of the APs (i.e. aggregated throughput/clients versus time, channel/SNR distributions, top clients/WLANs, etc.)  

Does this help?