Bandwith issues

I decided to make a new post on things.

We have 1 20 meg backhaul The slave is on our main tower and connected into a cmm2 the master is located at our office. Setup at 60 percent down

Stats for LUID: 2 Test Duration: 2 Pkt Length: 1522
Downlink RATE: 8999936 bps
Uplink RATE: 6125568 bps
Downlink Efficiency: 100 Percent
Max Downlink Index: 100
Actual Downlink Index: 100
Expected Frag Count: 35156
eActual Frag Count: 35156
Uplink Efficiency: 99 Percent
Max Uplink Index: 100
Actual Uplink Index: 99
Expected Frag Count: 23928
Actual Frag Count: 23940

During peak times the backhaul is doing around 5 meg down and 2 meg up.

i have a 20 meg backhaul to my house set at 50 percent down

Stats for LUID: 2 Test Duration: 2
Downlink RATE: 7231744 bps
Uplink RATE: 7258368 bps
Downlink Efficiency: 98 Percent
Max Downlink Index: 100
Actual Downlink Index: 98
Expected Frag Count: 28249
Actual Frag Count: 28710
Uplink Efficiency: 98 Percent
Expected Frag Count: 28353
Actual Frag Count: 28702

Here is a speed test from my house at peak times.

running 10s outbound test (client to server) 4.27Mb/s
running 10s inbound test (server to client) 1.22Mb/s

Testing at the office through our router and the switch that the backhaul are connected to from my pc.

running 10s outbound test (client to server)36.90Mb/s
running 10s inbound test (server to client) 81.01Mb/s

So I know that our main router and switch are working correctly.

The problem I have is I cant seem to get any better results. So I got to thinking. The masters on our office are coming down and into the basement through surge suppressors from canopy. Could it be posible that these could be a guilty party? Any idea’s? I have tried almost everything and cant seem to push anymore data. I even tried to put the downlink at 70 percent. Little change. I then put the downlink at 30 percent and little change as well. So there is somthing else that is causing this bandwidth issue.


How are you testing the speeds? FTP? TTCP? IPERF?

FTP isn’t accurate try using TTCP or Iperf to get a more accurate result

The simple way to confirm or deny the surge protector theory is to bypass them with some Cat5 couplers and test that way. We have had a few bad ones that just made everything incredibly sluggish, like a bad dialup connection. You also want to check the ethernet stats and make sure you are running clean from the radios.