Battery PoE alignment tools

Has anyone found a good long term solution for a battery PoE hotspot?

We have the unreliable Geva 8w unit that randomly wont power epmp1000 radios

I have been building battery routers that issue the crews device a 169 to get to the radio. They work great for epmp1000 SM modules, i have them at 25v output, but it doesnt have the amperage to do pmp450 gear due to how i have it setup. 

Has anyone run across a good unit that is quality, compatible, easy to use, preferably not easy to break that wont cost as much as a car? lol
Or any other recommendations? Battery pack has signifigantly reduced installation time where before they had to spool out a test lead then find power or use an inverter. They also have a tendency to break the ethernet port on the field laptops...

we've got 5 of them.     won't consider anything else.    they are solid, last a long time, easy to use and convenient. worth every penny of the price tag.   

That is the same as the Geva unit in my picture lol, but 15w vs this 8w. 

Literally a rebrand, the login creditials are still Geva creds "v3 root/gevaach" lol, actually there is one extra "a" there.

Our 8w unit is very unreliable. The Mikrotik battery units i built also hand out DHCP 169 addresses so it doesnt try and pull a tower DHCP IP when the radio registers

I haven't used the 8 watt model, we've only had the 15 watt and its been extremely reliable. 

I’ll second that (and most things Chris says) we have had no problems with our 15w LinkTechs. :slight_smile:

What kind of run time are you guys getting out per charge? with 5 recycled 18650's we are getting about 1.5-2wk per charge on the router batteries. 

Will send the 15w unit over to the boss man and see what he says. Big cost jump from these custom units lol

few weeks to a month for my guys.  depends on how busy they are.   the nice part is the charging off of micro USB so really charge it whenever however you want.     if they are running low, just plug it in the van and its got enough juice for the next job. 

You definitely want the 15 watt model. I have an 8 watt sitting here, that I never use because it doesn't reliably power everything. I haven't had any problems powering anything with the 15 watt.

The Ubiquiti U-Installer also works pretty well, but because because Ubiquiti went to great pains to make it "easy" to use, it's not really usable for anything other than their radios in it's default configuration. You can force it to behave like a normal AP by modifying the configuration through SSH, but that's a pain, and, well, it's made be Ubiquiti.... as far as the hardware goes, they are pretty nice though.

Im actually impressed with how small the DC booster is on the 8w unit. Think we may have had defective 18650's, as at full charge they are testing at 3.6v. 

I will say i am disgusted by how they turn PoE "on/off,"  the way its wired the booster circuit stays powered and just cuts the 24v from the ethernet jack.

Using this for a couple of years now :   a little pricey maybe but ours is several years old now and still works while the little Geva/rebranded Geva's seemed to never last more than a few months (either the usb charging port would break, the on/off switch would break, or it would just stop working).  You can set it to 2.4 or 5Ghz WiFi.  It ouputs f 802.3af and 802.3at  (48v 30w) and I ziptied/taped the adapter on the side to bring that down to 24v.  So with a small patch cable wired to reverse pol there isn't anything it won't power including 450,  ePMP 2000, Ubiquiti, Mikrotik and Mimosa radios. The battery pack is removable so we always have a battery in the unit, a charged spare and one on the charger.  It lasts for weeks though depending on how much it gets used (or if you forget to turn it off).

Something we learned the hard way with the Geva's was to never ever use them on a radio that might be dead. It let the magic smoke out if you plugged them into a dead (probably shorted) radio.  I have no idea if this unit would fair any better because at $400+ to find out it never gets plugged into a radio that is suspected of being dead/damaged.

I will say that i reallllly like that, however they constantly break ethernet ports on their field laptops, so i dont know how i feel on the price since repair would be questionable on the ethernet port.

They have already dropped my poe routers a few times, which broke the d/c jack so i had to replace that. 

Good thing on it is i can use any router with PoE out lol. Still a pain to build and not support 450 gear. I think that part is a limitation of my dc booster board though. I originally thought it was the amp output of the recycled batteries, however i hooked up 2 60 amp 26650's yesterday to find the same result.

Also, have you ever had it apart? Would be curious to see how the eth jacks are mounted and see how hard they would be to repair

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