Be able to Search Wireless Mac

Not to long ago you could put the wireless mac address in the search field to find a CPE now it has to be the LAN mac or CPE name. Could the Wireless MAC be added as a searchable field again please?
I would like to avoid having to go back and assign the LAN mac to each account so that our support can find the user.

Also I understand that if you delete the last character in the mac it will show the unit but that seems to be one more step that Level 1 tech support keeps forgetting.



I would also appreciate this feature, since in our records we always pick the wireless MAC to write down on our customer documentation, since we only record one MAC and we deal with a couple different types/brands of equipment. It's the more useful one to note down since if we're looking through an AP for a CPE, the wireless MAC is the one we see.

To go with this suggestion, being able to use the wireless MAC when making requests through the cnMaestro REST API would also make things a lot nicer. Right now, I have an ugly "workaround" of subtracting 1 from the MAC address if our records have "ePMP" in the name, then using the resulting MAC address.

This definitely needs more attention by the development team. We struggle with eth vs wireless Mac constantly. For starters, labelling the Mac address with which one it is would be nice on the device dashboard. It currently just says “Mac Address”.

Searching and using API with either Mac is a great suggestion.

I created an idea for this. Please vote to create some attention:

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You can search for an ePMP SM wireless mac address

Go to Monitor Network

Under Statistics

In upper right corner is a box with lines and a drop down arrow, click here

Under Wireless, Select Wireless MAC address

They enter the MAC address in the Seach Bar, Hit enter

Thanks for the tip. I don't think it is the solution we need. We have too many users who are very accustomed to searching the main search box, and would then be required to remember, not for cnPilot or PMP450 devices, but ONLY for ePMP SMs, that when you need to find a device using the wireless MAC, to first go to system and only can you search there....

Yes it would work for just one person, but not for an entire staff of users. Hopefully Cambium can find a solution.