beacon interval less then 100


I found no way to set beacon interval to 50 or so, minimal value is 100, but 50 works fine for Autopilot. How to set lower values?

Hi, I would highly recommend you not set the beacon value to anything other the default of 100ms.  Many wireless clients assume that value and you could create severe instability by changing it.  Why do you want to change it?

There is controlled wifi clients - robots managed over wifi. This robots works in high density outdoor networks, move quickly, require fast roaming betwen APs. Robots can leave the network coverage area and should return back as quickly as possible, so the beacon is set to 50.

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It is possible to set configuration values outside of the range cnMaestro allows by using User-Defined Overrides.  Please see the below Knowledge Base article for more information on this procedure.

I have also checked our bug tracker and found that we have an open ticket for updating the valid range to allow a value of 50.  I have escalated the priority of this issue.

Very interesting application by the way.  Good luck.

thank you

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