Beam Coverage


I’m new here - I just started a new wisp. Just wanted to know using ePMP 3000 with 20 KM from the POP, will it interfere or disturb other neighbour Radio’s? using higher power?

Please let me know.

Are the “neighbour radios” also Cambium or on the same AP? Are they owned / operated by someone else ? Are they using the same, overlapping or near channels/frequencies as the 3000 ?

Hi Brubble,

Thanks for your response.

Most of them are using other brands and yes, some are using Cambium but not ePMP 3000.
I have not yet installed the equipment on that shared tower but somehow there were incidents where they had issues with other operators using too much power, So I don’t want to go through the same issue as they did before as a new operator.

If I understand properly, if I am using 3000 and they are not and if I am using a different channel as them - I have a better chance to boost my power up and cover 20km of 120degrees?

If I understand you correctly then yes, as long as you are using a different, non-overlapping channel with enough guard band between the channel you use and the channels they use , you should not interfere with them or they you at the maximum power the 3000 is capable of.

thank you, I will let you know how it goes.

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