Beam Forming Antenna with 4.6

Can anyone report how beam forming antennas are working with firmware 4.6?

The BSA? I don’t know if it is working better or worse, but the other night I upgraded three 3000 APs and ever since I am getting cnMaestro alerts from one of them claiming the BSA is powered off and then on again.

No BSA disconnects in monitor → performance reported on that so though.

I don’t know if performance has changed for subscribers though because most of them have also been without power since I updated things on Tuesday night.

with 4.6, cnMeastro show few disconnession but beamforming in 3K works ok.
we back to 4.5.6, I think 4.6 is unstable at the moment


Why do you think 4.6 is unstable? We’re running it on 500+ radios with no issues.

We’ve seen some weird issues with cnmaestro connections, if you login and just update the username for cnmaestro and hit save it connects again.

in 4.6 new fonts and menù scrolling very lowly…
a few problem with F190 and AP 3K

at the moment we back to 4.5.6


I would appreciate it if you could send details in dm to me.

Thank you.

So this is what Im seeing on all my epmp 3000 APs, running 4.6

Thoughts? Insight?

Just wanted to clarify, when I set the epmp 3000 to auto or forced beam forming antenna it says the power is on. But I cant even tell if they are helping… almost seems to make things worse… anyone have any info or insight?

Do you see power off when Forced Sector is selected in configuration?

Thank you.

yes I do see power off when set to forced sector

I’m back to 4.5.6 because it’s all in production mode and I can test it but I confirm probleam with BF and the web interface slowly, I think new fonts depend…


Could you please take a screenshot where you see new fonts?
We haven’t done any fonts related changes.
Btw, what web browser do you use?

Thank you.

The BSAs have never worked for me, after two years. I can enable it and SMs connect to it but the stats are horrible and made zero improvement. What I saw was massive fluctuations on uplink rssi and snr and testing showed no improvement with uplink performance. I believe the stats are false, but they look horrible and I don’t trust that it’s not negatively impacting. I did the support file thing ages ago when they first started working and the exact same thing was happening.

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Same here, they have never worked for me since I bought some and 4.4.3 was the current epmp release… exactly as you described in the other forum posts I also experienced crazy changes in uplink values, etc…