Beam Forming Antenna

So here is a question regarding the beam forming smart-array antenna setup with the ePMP 2000 AP. We want to save some space on a tower so we were hoping to use a KP dual-band antenna instead of the standard Cambium 5.8 sector antenna but weren't sure if this would affect the design / performance of this feature noticably.


The Smart Beamforming antenna is a separate antenna that mounts to the bottom of the Cambium Sector antenna.  It is highly recommended to use the Cambium pieces of this product, as the Cambium sector performs very well and is optimized for use with the ePMP 2000 radio.  Then, combining this with the Smart Beamforming antenna array, you get the full benefit of mitigating interference using the new system.

I have attached a couple pictures for better understanding of the pieces involved and how they fit together...