Beamflex (Ruckus) equivalent

Hello guys,

I was wondering, does any cnPilot model have a technology similar to Beamflex from Ruckus ? 

The most similar technology is Transmit Beamforming (TxBF), which is part of the 802.11ac standard.

In essence both do the same thing; multiple signals arrive at the client (in phase) which causes a boost in received signal strength (amplitude).

In my opinion the main difference is that 802.11ac beamforming requires client support.


Wright-Fi is correct.  802.11ac (more specifically 802.11acWave 2) chipsets have the ability to do TxBF.  This is a chipset level technology and is explicit beamforming.  What that means is that the same chipsets need be on both ends of the link (i.e. AP and wireless client) for the beamforming to work.  There is communication between the two devices to ensure proper beamforming operation.

Beamflex is a proprietary layer 1 technology developed by Ruckus and uses implicit beamforming to operate.  It uses a 'best guess' beamforming method to direct a beam to the client, without communicating with it directly.  The technology involves engergizing many smaller antenna elements to create a beam in the intended direction of the client (similar to PMP450m beamforming).  Accuracy and benefit will vary per wireless client.

The short answer is no, the cnPilot line does not have a true beamflex equivalent and relies on standards based beamforming methods inherent in 802.11ac.

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