Bench testing or intial setup of ePMP 2000 APs without external antenna


Can you setup and/or bench test an ePMP 2000 AP without it being connected to any external antenna? IIRC, I saw notes that an external antenna should always be connected to the APs when they are powered on. If so, what are the recommendations to test if there are no external antennae available?

In general, it’s not a good idea to test radios without some sort of load on the antenna ports. That being said, if you turned down the power on the radio, you could probably use it for awhile without hurting it. You can connect any kind of antenna as a load, even little rubber duck antennas will work fine, and it doesn’t have to be 5GHz either. Alternatively, you can buy some RF dummy load terminators if you’re desire is to crank up the power on a bench test without having an antenna radiating that energy in close proximity to you.

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