Benefits of MESH Recovery mode in E series APs

In new software versions, a new mode is available for MESH option apart from OFF,Base and Client which is Recovery mode. Now, if we select the option what will be the consequences to MESH links as only one option is allowed at a time. As per my understanding after gone through available docs in site , this option is useful if there is a mismatch issue of parameters between base and client and can be used in base. But i am still confused when and how we could utilize this feature in MESH links. It will be a grate help if anyone can explain me the feature exactly...

Hi Admin, I may be wrong in whenever we post any issue in the community, there must be atleast an reply as I could see many times Cambium Employee reply our query which is an excellecnt practice of Cambium Networks. But I feel strange to see  not a single reply till date on this query . May I expect a reply within a couple of days.

Deepjyoti Barman,

PFA document related to Mesh Recovery.

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The document says "The mesh link can break because of WPA/WPA2-PSK key or SSID configuration changes in mesh WLAN configuration."

What potential other problems would cause the mesh link to fail?

other possible reasons for mesh connection to break,

1. configuration chnage on wlan or radio 

2. if radio is shut down manually or

3. if ap goes to reboot 

Hi Channareddy,

A few questions:

1. configuration chnage on wlan or radio 

I understand that mesh links can fail if there are incompatible encryption keys or radio settings. It would be good to know what to do in order to avoid such a situation, i.e. what else can cause the connection to break, in some more detail, or best practices how to configure this.

For example, let's say I have two cnPilot E700 running 3.11.1-r2 firmware.

When the mesh base is set to use 20 MHz channels (to avoid interference problems), will the mesh client find the base automatically if it's set to something else, e.g. 40 or 80 MHz? How does the mesh client AP set the channel when it is configured with an access WLAN as well on radio2 (5GHz)?

Also, how do you suggest one approaches "breaking" config changes, e.g. change of WPA2-PSK keys? I would assume that one should first change the mesh client, and then the mesh base, to avoid not being able to send config changes to the mesh clients anymore...

2. if radio is shut down manually

This is obvious.

3. if ap goes to reboot 

I assume that after reboot, the mesh is re-established?

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