Best Back Haul?

I am about to expand our network and need a little input from folks that have experience with back haul units…When we first started we bought a 2.4 demo kit for testing. We ended up using 900mhz because of the trees in South Alabama…We used the 2.4 demo to set-up a remote 900 system with one AP using an omni antenna. The 2.4 has been rock solid providing the back hual function, however we are now moving on installing two additional remote sites on down the country. My thoughts are to use a 2.4 backhaul system.

Any thoughts on why or why not I should proceed with the planned 2.4 deployment?

What kinda through-put are you looking for?

Also do you have los?

There are a few variables to consider:

Is there Wireless LOS?

What is the noise floor/spectrum like for all the Unlicensed frequencies in your area. 900, 2.4, 5.2, 5.4, 5.7?

How far away are these repeaters?

How much through-put do you need?

Are you co-locating with other Wireless or Cellular Equipment?


Thanks for you questions…here are the answers to the last post…

Good LOS

Noise floor is good on 2.4 (have not check any other freq…very rural area so I don’t think any other freq should be a problem)

Repeaters are 10.32 miles to first site and 12 miles to second site

20 meg

No other radio providers

PTP 400 - you’ll get just under 10M full duplex with the lite version and 20M full duplex with the full version. Use the link estimator tool on the support site to see what type of antennas you’ll need to get your desired uptime. You may be able to use the integrated 23 dBi antennas for 10 miles.

trango has their trango link 45 mb/s link on special for a while. I have heard these work well, I have not tried one.

I have two sets of those TrangoLink-45 backhauls on my network. They do not compare to the PTP400 in terms of management features, stability, and product support. However, their throughput is good. There are several bugs in the latest firmware that are biting me currently.

We will be using the Trango backhauls almost exclusively from now on. We’ve used Canopy BH, Motorola/Orthogon OFDM, and Proxim - the Trangos are definitely the best bang for the buck.

However, on certain links I am still more comfortable with the Moto OFDM and when I need to carry sync out to an AP I will settle for the Canopy BH.

Trango extended their price reduction on their trangolink 45 until april 4th.

We use the trango bhs, they are totally the best bang for the buck. at $1965 for a 45meg link you cant beat it.