Best configuration for XV2-2T0

Hi, I can’t get past 120Mbps in the speedtests. I have tried other brands with the same cables and it gives me up to almost 300Mbps via Wifi, even when I am at a 3 meters distance. What am I doing wrong?

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Channel width might have defaulted to 20mhz?

Yes, 20mhz for 2.4 and 40mhz for 5GHz

It might be connected though the 2.4GHz, also see what 80MHz does.


I have separate SSIDs. One for 2.4 and one for 5 GHz.

Hi Miguel, can you please send me a tech-support log to ?

Hi Gary, ok ok. Thanks

Thanks Gary for your recommendation,

I just update to version 6.5-r15

And looks fine now.

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