Best EPMP omni antenna?

Fixing to change a micro-pop from PMP100 5750 to EPMP. Don't need sectors (yet).

Can you guys recommend the best omni for EPMP?


 i buy all my antennas from those two companys. both make great antennas and stand behind their products.

good for below 200ft. I am assuming a micro pop is below 50ft.

Those look pretty much like the KP Performance ones.  Which look pretty much like the HyperLink/L-Com ones. :)
I think KP says theirs are 3 degree electronic downtilt, but I don't know if that's the same as all the clone looking ones or if KP is internally different, or what the deal is.

They are similar but not the same. The one that I sent will have a direct connect with the antenna. You have to put them both together. The ones frm kp have n connectors. Both are nice and kp has been good about their antennas. Just throwing out sommething that I have used in the past.

Ok, can yall chime in on 2.4GHz omni's?

Thank you

John Ockert wrote: The one that I sent will have a direct connect with the antenna.

OK, that's cool.  So, they have RPSMA connectors on the bottom that mate directly to the ePMP, or how does it connect?

@jakkwb wrote:

Ok, can yall chime in on 2.4GHz omni's?

I'd be interested in people's experiences too. :)

We have a 5Ghz KPP Omni, a couple of the McGown Tech omni's and a Ubiquiti Omni deployed. I don't really see any performance differences.

The Ubiquiti Omni's are 5.4-5.8Ghz so you can't use them if you want to use 5.3-5.1Ghz.

The McGown Tech Omnis' might do just a hair better than the KPP Omni but the RPSMA version of the antennas requires you to disassemble the antenna to mount the radio in it. So if you go with the McGown Omni you will want to have a spare so the tower climber can just replace the radio and antenna because trying to change just the radio on a McGown Onni while on the tower would be very very difficult.

I believe the N-connector McGown Omni does not require you to disassemble the antenna to connect the radio but you will need N to RPSMA pigtails.

The KPP antennas are probably a better choice for most because they work like every other antenna on the plane t and you don't have to to disassemble them to connect the radio.

We use Ubiquiti 2.4Ghz Omnis. No complaints but then we haven't used any other Omnis so I can't really compare them to anything else.