Best Omni to use in 5.2 or 2.4 Frequency

Does anyone have a particularly good experience with a specific omni-directional antenna vs. another? Looking for a way to get started with 360 coverage inexpensively, then move into maybe sectors as the AP becomes profitable (and/or congested).

5.2 Ghz is where I am looking primarily, but 2.4 Ghz as well.


Try very, very hard not to use Omnis in license free spectrum.

if there are any other providers running wireless in the area you should run sectorized units so you can I zolat problems

OK, I should clarify this request I guess. I have been doing wireless since 1998, so have lots of experience with the issues involving omni’s vs. sectors. Canopy is the third major platform we have used during that time.

1) homegrown for a year
2) Breezecom for 3 years
3) Canopy for almost 5 years - we Beta tested before it was even known as “Canopy”.

Soooo, that being said, we know when to and when not to use omnis. That wasnt my question with all due respect to the replys above. :slight_smile:

We have used a couple different brands in each frequency, but was inquiring to see what brands others have used/tested/implemented, etc. We have used various versions of the Cyclone Omni’s (successfully) but they are VERY pricey for what you get.

Thanks for any info that could be added to the discussion, based on these facts :slight_smile:


Well you could try Superpass ( But you’d have get your AP connectorized.

I’ve used their antennas before (not with Canopy mind you) And they work well, but they aren’t nearly as strong and durable as last mile gear.

Then you asked,

Very good.
Radiowaves has Horizontal polirized 5.x GHz antennas.
Andrew, what used to be DB.
Cushcraft has good vertical 2.4 GHz antennas.

Very cheap stuff is
Pacific Wireless
Hyperlink ( It’s almost all PacWireless )

I’d recommend Last Mile

i too have had great sucsess with last mile i have several of the 900 cyclone’s running with out incedent.

other than load issue.