Best performance with VOIP in cnPilot e600 + e400

My scenario is:

Mikrotik is parallel to the e600, e400, Asterisk SIP, all connected with cables.

The computers are connected to Wifi 5Ghz and use a Softphone to make calls.

The gateway is Mikrotik, but all traffic from the stations is via the wifi of cnPilot.

The internet connection is great, but the phone fails, pricking the voice on both sides.

Do you have any idea what to do to improve? Because I searched for QoS on the two eSeries I have and I haven't found it.


cnPilot AP comes with Wi-Fi WMM support, no additional support for SIP traffic prioritization. What is the SNR that we see for these clients in APs? When we ping from these clients to default gateway what is the latency that we see? May it is good idea to disable lower data rates from Radio configuration

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The SNR in this clients are abetween 26 and 51. What's a acceptable value?

My lowest value is 7, but a phone.

The ping to default gateway:

e600 and e400 have ePMP?

The average latecny shows 2 digit, i feel it is ok. having one sip client with SNR of 7 is not good. it has be to disconnected from ap by making use of enhanced roaming settings on AP radio. The lower SNR client will always be culprit when it comes to overall performace at the ap level.

What is the average latency we see when we initiate ping from wireless clients to SIP server? The idea is to make ensure no issue on network behind the ap?