Best practice for cnPilot R series behind PMP 450SM

We are getting inconsistent results with our PMP 450 SM powered by R201P / R195P cnPilot. We have our own ‘standard’ PMP450 SM configurations and ‘standard’ R-series configurations. When the cnPilot is put into service, we usually – but not always – have the cnPilot show up in cnMaestro as a child of the SM. We have been unable to account for the reason why some work and some don’t.

Rebooting does no good and means a call to the sub or a truck roll since we can’t reboot the cnPilot via cnMaestro if we can’t see it. We claim the device in cnMaestro onboarding queue with the MSN but it never onboards, as if it cannot reach the cloud URL. Subscriber traffic works just fine.

We use VLAN for the PMP450 with management on one VLAN and subscriber bearer traffic on another VLAN, no VLAN set in the cnPilot. PMP 450SM are set to bridge mode and R-series set to NAT. Both get their IP via dhcp from our edge router.

Is there any good source material on how to configure these two devices to work together ? Should we configure a VLAN in the cnPilot?