Best practice for Connectorized PTP and Integrated PTP


I have a City-wide P2P project coming up that we are planning for. For short ranges, we've used integrated 550 PTP radios that work great. One of these links has a distance of 1.2 miles (1.9km) is it best practice to use Connectorized PTP with external antennas or will integrated PTP radios do the job?

We have the luxury of utilizing a 145 ft communications tower and 85ft is about all we need to get a line of sight to these locations.

Am I better off just making each PTP link a connectorized one? I'm planning on using the 550PTP for high bandwidth usage for my backhauling. 

I used the LINKPlanner to calculate and everything looks good but I'd like to confirm.


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If one of these link has a distance of 1.2 miles. you can use integrated radio as well and it will work. but  there is  LOS is clear  between location A and Location B.

what is bandwith requred at remote end ?

did you check integraed radio in the link planner for the same link.