Best Practice - Public IP CPE

What's the best way to configure a public address on the customers antenna? I don't have many public IPs and I dont assign them very often. I've never done it on Cambium gear. And I'm not sure I'm doing it the best way on UBNT gear......

A screen shot example would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

thats a really wide question.    

are you putting the public IP directly into the CPE and interacting with your router via /30? or distributing a larger block and want to lock a CPE to a single address within the block?

you can use 1:1 nat in your edge router if you need to conserve IP addresses if you are already NATing subs 

using PPPoE is useful to for giving out single IP address, but will need a good deal of router config. definably not something you'll want to implement just for a single sub, or few subs. 

if you're going to put a public IP in the radio, you'll want to move your management interface to a VLAN to secure the radio. if you can't/dont want to setup a vlan for management, use non standard ports for any management access like SSH, or HTTP and a complex password.   

Thanks for the reply. I'm green on the IT side of things and am still learning.

On my UBNT CPE where I have assigned a public I have it in router mode, turn off NAT, and assign one side of the /30 to the LAN0 port. I enable DHCP to downstream devices and handout the public via the start and stop range of the DHCP settings. See attached pic.....

I don't know if this is good bad or ugly. Probably ugly.  It's also probably time to hire a consultant to help me ensure my network is being built in such a way that I can grow without having to heavily redesign later on. All of my customers NAT behind my core router at the moment. In the short term I need to give my customer a public. I don't intend to hand out publics to every customer. Only the ones who are on my biggest plans and holler loud enough.

Use PPPoE for your own good.

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PPPoE is your friend. VLAN  for management. Better account management, people cant pick up and move if you locl PPPoE down to a sector. Found that if people moved and didnt tell you they "aligned" themselves at thier new home causing issues for others in that sector.