Best practice to remove CBRS SM then re-add from different AP?

Looking for confirmation on the procedure/best practice to remove a SM from CBRS and add it back in from a different location/AP.

We are running Maestro on-premise, version 2.4.1-r10 using cnMaestro as HTTP Proxy for our CBRS migration. Our test setup consists of 2 450 APs and 3 450 SMs on 16.2.1 firmware, all in-house.

Current instructions for SM removal consist of deleting the CPI data from the SM and rebooting, then Deleting the device from CBRS management tool.

The issue we are facing comes when we try to re-add the SM back into CBRS on a different sector. After performing the above steps to remove the SM from CBRS, we are receiving an error "The provided parent mac is mismatching with existing parent mac value" when attempting to add the SM back into CBRS in a different sector. Once the SM is removed, the domain proxy view shows the device as Registered:No under the original sector and only has a Deregister button.

We are able to re-add the SM back into the original sector without issue, then move the SM to the new sector by changing the CC in the SM. The concern is, what happens when we are not able to connect the SM to the original AP, as would be the case if the SM is uninstalled from one customer location and then reinstalled in a different location/town.

Any assistance or insights appreciated.

Sorry for the confusion and difficulty here.   I do need to make updates to that procedure for 2.4.1,  which I should have posted next week sometime.     In the meantime,  to get past this Parent MAC error,  remove/delete the SM from the cnMeastro inventory/onboarding queue page(s).   One of the improvements in 2.4.1 was to partially decouple the cnMaestro inventory/onboarded management from the CBRS Management tool,  hence the change and the need for the procedure updates. 


" remove/delete the SM from the cnMeastro inventory/onboarding queue page(s). "

That worked, thank you!

I was in the same jam–that worked for me as well. Thanks!

I’ve run into a different situation where I am getting the same “parent mac mismatch” error when trying to add an SM manually. I am trying to move a bunch of SMs from one AP to another, with different color codes, frequencies, and VLANs. When I first tried this using templates, I forgot about writing a template to change the VLAN, so it failed, and I had to roll all of the SMs back to their original AP. Now, when I try to add one of those SMs into the new AP, I get the error. It still shows under the sessions of the AP I wanted to move it to as “Unregistered”, but it is not in the Onboarding queue for me to delete. I think the problem is that it is still working on the original AP. I tried to “Relinquish/Deregister” from the target AP, but nothing happens. I’m afraid that if I delete it from it’s current AP (which is not CBRS enabled) and then try to add it to the target AP that I will lose connectivity with it and be forced to re-program it onsite. Any suggestions?

First, my apologies for not yet releasing the updated documentation I had mentioned in my previous posting. Still working on that, but should have that soon. RP1, in regards to your specific problem today, let me reach out to you via private channel to make sure I understand the scenario and possibly gather more information.

Well, some good news. I just had to re-provision an SM that failed to come up after the failed cut the other night. It was attached to Gamma-2, but unreachable, and when I tried to add it as an SM to Gamma-1, the new AP, I got the parent MAC mismatch error. So, I deleted it from Gamma-2’s inventory completely. I then added it to Gamma-1 and it came up fine after I reprogrammed the FQ-Color-VLAN. I had a field tech default it so I could get back in and program. So, I know now that I have to delete from inventory (which I was hesitant to do for fear I couldn’t reach it again) before I can add it to a new AP.

Cambium has now released a new version of our CBRS Consolidated Procedures Guide version 1.4.1. It includes a new AP replacement procedure as well as some additional improvements to the procedures for moving an SM from 1 AP to another.

The guide can be found on the cnMaestro or PMP450 product pages: