Best practice to throttle epmp 3000 for non paying clients

Looking for best practice to throttle non paying clients.
Have a few that are sitting on 1/1 doing lord knows what.
Don’t want to delete as when they pay its a truck roll.
Best method to disable without truckroll?

If you can still access the SM, why not disable the ethernet port?


Implement Cambium QoE and re-direct them to a payment portal and reduce their tput to kbps.


FreeRadius, a Mikrotik router and PPPoE either on the customer radio or the customer’s wifi router. This allows you to get creative with disabled accounts (like redirect disabled accounts to a website were they are informed they are past due and/or pay their bill online)

Enable or disable via the radius server or via just about any ISP accounting program.

A lot of very small wisps that do it manually just disable the ethernet port on the customer radio.
You could also create a firewall rule on the customer radio to block traffic.

You can also use MAC address filtering on the access points to control access but really of all the manual options it’t probably easier to just disable the ethernet port on their radio.

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On our previous non-Cambium gear, we put in a firewall rule on the SM to redirect all traffic to our ‘please call the billing department’ webpage.I always figured that was better than simply disabling the Ethernet port, since I figured the ‘billing department’ page was more obvious WHY it wasn’t working, and no one in the house would really get confused where the issue was.

So yea, in my 2c, a Radius or QOE or Firewall rule to redirect people to a payment page (or a call billing page) is better than just disabling the ethernet.