best way

i have 5.7 backhaul to one rooftp but i need to bo farther to hit a point to point from my rooft top how would i set that up

You question is unclear.

Are you asking if you can have one BH Master and 2 BH slaves? If that’s the question the answer is no. I wish it could.

well how do i manage access point that i didnt backhaul to, so if i set up some accesspoint and get a t1 from the tower how do i link that with my exsiting network

well you could use a public ip in the ap and just access it that way but i don’t recomend it.

I would put a computer at the location of the ap and set the ap with a private ip and use vpn to access your ap’s that way.

still confused to what the environmnet is…

How far is the AP ? T1 to internet lik to access an AP is silly and expensive.

Are there Line of Sight issues for teh BH or just distance.