Beta / cnmaestroX missing data

Just got the beta5 loaded, cnmaestroX seems to be missing channel data to overlay as well as everything but golay code overlay on the link data

Oh man what bleeping bucket of joy, I have all sorts of incorrect data on maestroX, having to go to device https webpage to see what/where traffic is flowing :rage:

Ooooooh, the insult to injury … I have a test setup in my office, I ran the upgrade on it first to prove things out, of course it is functioning A-OK in cnmaestro :roll_eyes: because nobody needs it right ?

Top secret solution from Cambium for any of you following along:

Can you login to the controller SSH.
sudo docker service update e2e_default_network_stats_agent --force

fixes the issue :see_no_evil:

To summarise :
Another controller on the same maestro X instance did not show the issue.

This is a migration issue from onboard controller to external controller which you had accomplished few months back in the previous 1.2.2 version.
Since then we have found this issue and fixed in release.

Fix is adding the missing configuration as shown (highlighted) in statsAgentParams {}

And login to controller to restart the stats agent to publish the data to maestro
sudo docker service update e2e_default_network_stats_agent --force

Happy that it worked for you and this should not be seen in newer releases.