Better BAM Licensing

Right now in a BAM server (Linux), I have a QUAD NIC, and registered the MAC address of the 3rd port to be used as my BAM. Unfortunately, the BAM software is not that intelligent. It prefers eth0 over anything else. It appears that the software also just looks at the hostname of the machine and if that hostname does point to the NIC that I chose, the lmgrd daemon won’t start. It took awhile to figure this out, but I had to go into /etc/hosts and point my hostname it to eth2 instead of eth0. This lets the BAM start and then I can change the hostname back to eth0. First thing: Why do you have to register the BAM to a mac address… that is nuts. Second, why is the software not smart enough to actually USE that mac address and interface. Why does it have to use the hostname of the box? Third, why do you even have licensing for MAC addresses. Right now I want to switch my BAM to another box… I am pulling out the existing BAM and upgrading it with a more redundant box. I can’t just do that with a serial number or something, I have to call Motorola and wait for a week to have someone type a few keys to generate my license. Also, since I already have a license, I have to fill out a form saying that I promise to toss the last license and not use it as another free BAM license. The last time I got a license, the Motorola tech messed up my MAC address (they switched 2 digits), which resulted in well over a week before I could get a new license created and my BAM up and working. New licensing system please!!

Personally I think a complete rewrite of the system to a much simpler easy to install is what is needed. The problem is not just with the licensing but the whole package seems to like hacked together and very fragile.

The forum is full of posts in regards to people experiencing problems with the installation process. Surely we all can’t me IT challanged.