BGP Session not connecting

Has anyone tried BGP over the PMP320 yet? We are having issues with the sessions connecting. The session stays in Openconnect then times out waiting on a final response from the peer/ neighbor. We have one router connected on a VLAN two swithces away and another router connected via a sm on that VLAN. We can ping the other router on the VLAN fine but BGP session does not connect.

If we connect the router to the switch at the relay site on a port configured as an access port for the VLAN session comes up established fine. Over the SM nothing. Stays in Openconnect then timesout.

Check your TTL setting.

The issue comes down the TTL used in the BGP messages. By default eBGP transmits packets with TTL=1. This ensures the TTL will expire after one hop and they won’t inadvertently go further than the directly connected peer. When eBGP packets traverses a WiMax radio the TTL is reduced by one per hop causing the TTL < 1. When this happens the packet is discarded. To get around this problem you can issue the following commands:

router bgp <ASN_Number>
neighbor <ip> ttl-security hops <number_of_hops>

This number should be set high enough so that the BGP packet arrives at the remote end with a TTL = 1.

Alternate option for Cisco gear

router bgp [asn]
neighbor x.x.x.x ebgp-multihop [number of hops away]

The guys in the field figured it out a few weeks ago after the post. Thanks for the info though.