BH 2X and 1X

Does a BH20 operating at 1X still work at 20 Megabit?


1x = 10meg
2x= 20 meg

If you are running 7.2 to current and select HWS . and set at 2x it will autonegoiate between 10 and 20 meg if it starts to receive interference.

That’s interesting. In the manual, the 2X is explained as being available to an SM only if it is within the first mile from an AP.

How does this work with a BH?

It’s also in the BH-20 so you can switch down to 10 meg when nessacery

Also, The 2.4 advantage Canopy Ap Cyclones purchased from last mile. in
2x with a reflector of course will work at 14miles he can’t get the full download like our closer customers but his best down load so far was
7meg and 1.6 meg up


So if you set a Non-Advantage SM to 2x mode and use a reflector it’ll work ok?

Could you post the reading from an SM? I tryed a couple SM’s in 2x mode without a reflector(because they were only 0.5km from the tower) and the jitter was still through the roof.

Brad, you should start a new thread for sm’s

this one belongs to vanilla