BH High Priority Data Queue


Iam trying to understand what does the ‘High Priority Data Queue’ on our BH exactly does. I have look into the documents provided by canopy website but I havent found nothing on this option.

Should this be enable or disabled when we have customers using VOIP?

Thanks for any help on this matter.


I am curious about this too. I have to say, our experience with VOIP has been poor in regards to motorola. Support is not good, and we have to rely on this family here for real world answers. Anyone want to share the best way to setup for VOIP?

I have been pretty successful with the voip but we have a phone company that we teamed up with that provides the gateway. The advantage is we really can control QOS all the way threw. All of it i had to figure out by trial and error with no real help from the black bat. Every situation is diffarent I could not give you a how to that would cover everybody. The shortest, quickest, and easiest answer would be make sure the ATA is tagging the packets properly and that when they pass threw every piece of equipment from the ata to the gateway that they get the highest priority. It’s really that simple. The problem is every manufacture has a diffarent way of doing things and you have to figure that out. I would be glad to help but you will have to tell me pretty much everything about your system in detail to help me see the big picture. Are you just trying to let vonage get threw or are you like me where we are providing everything?

Although the backhauls can handle the traffic very quickly sometimes there is enough traffic that low-latency dependent applications can be interupted (VoIP, TDMoIP, etc.). The high priority queue just gives priority to packets with bit 3 set in the ToS header. In past firmware versions the backhauls did this automatically, now we have a way to turn this feature on or off.

Why would you want it turned off? Maybe all of your data is high priority (ie. dedicated links for TDMoIP) therefore there is no need to waste processing time inspecting the ToS header.