BH knocking off network

Hello Guys,
I have this BH that is knocking off my entire network. It’s like this i have 1st that giving 2nd it connection and from the same point i have a 3rd that is giving to a 4th. When i connect the 3rd BH the entire Network goes now , i really dont know what causes it but i tried by process of eliminating the problem but i did traced it to that location. But my other colleagues think if we move the 3rd BH to another location to give connection to the 4th , it will solve that problem but i am looking at in a different way, i thought of material failure.
Has anyone have such problems on their network or with theire BH’s ?
Please i need your advice.
Thanks in adance

We recently replaced a our 20MB BH pair with our backup set because of weird random issues, such as the web interface locking up, not responding to pings, and occasional data loss. Since replacement of the canopy units everything has been at 100% again. Same dishes, cat5, firmware, and everything else. I guess the canopy modules do start acting weird over time. This pair was about 4 years old