BH Link acting weird..

I can’t get a BH link to register for some reason now, it used to work just fine with a RSSI in the 1600’s a jitter of 7 and a PL of -47…now it trys to register but won’t. When I use the AIMING feature it sees the other back haul with the right signal but it still doesn’t register. Any ideas?

P-9 on both ends currently with Hardware Scheduling enabled (have tryed both HS and SW scheduling) Have also tryed multiple channels.

Canopy has an issue with v 7.2.9 and 7.3.6 with collocated bh’s not regestering.

What version are you running? Do you have collocated backhauls?

are you authenticating via BAM?

All our BH’s are 7.2.9…we will be running BAM but not yet. This link just part of test. But I acutlly got it working…ended up being interferance on the tower side. Had to play around with the channels to finally get it to work.

Thanks thoguh


good job…

Friggin channels…Every WSIP should be given their own Licensed Band to work with. :slight_smile:

They have that. Bring $$$$

Jerry is right!!

If your backhauls won’t register at a pwr level -47 you are in deep do. What is the distance between them? Did you do a signal survey?

Oh the distance was about 3KM…sucks EH!! But since I played with the channels it’s working perfectly now. It really didn’t likeanything over 5800. I did a Spectrum analysis and didn’t really see any major interference. Problem is there is like 3 or 4 WISPS in the general area all using canopy, so it makes it hard to work around. In the process of rectifying the situation though. (Fingers crossed)

i have similar problems…got 3 other wisps in this area using different equipment, but all on 5.7-5.8

we have a general agreement on frequency, we keep records of eachothers frequencies, but you always get those naughty techies that just put up radios without informing us other wisps.