BH reflectors

Ran across these. … %20EQUINOX

Scroll down for Canopy reflectors

Yes, that is really 30dB gain for a BH - I would use them very very sparingly as they could cause you more trouble than they solve.

Have you use this things? We have tried the ones from pacific wireless and they didn’t do anything. In some cases it didn’t make a difference and in others it actually got worst. They are really weak too. Also, I have been trying to see if someone else have bumped into this “other” config page inside the canopy modules where you can set more frequencies bellow and above those offered on the regular config page. Have you? Do you know if frequencies like 5600 mhz are unlicensed?

I am in the process of ordering the 27db reflector unit, so I will let you know the outcome.

As for the “other” config page, are you talking about for the 5.7 units? Are you in the US? A few years ago the ISM frequencies had to be manually enabled via http://module_ip_address/ism.html. Newer units come shipped with these frequencies enabled. Is this what you are referring to? With the ISM freqs included, the complete band spread for 5.7 units in the US is 5735 MHz to 5840 MHz.

No. In the case of the 5.7 modules you can normally set frequencies from 5735 to 5840. On this other page you can set frequencies from 5600 to 5850. In a 2.4 module you can normally go from 2415 to 2457, on this other page you can go from 2400 to 2482. On a 5.2 module you can normally go from 5275 to 5325, and in this other page you can go from 5150 to 5350. It also allow you to turn on some mobility feature, engineering logging, frame override, serial debug port, CPU Icache status, something called “offset” and something called “LinkTest codepoint”. Cool huh? I have tested in the lab and it works. However I don’t want to give much information for the reasons bellow:

1) I don’t know if its legal to use those frequencies.
2) I wouldn’t like to be finger pointed if someone would use them and get in trouble for using them

I had to ask around becuase I couldn’t help wondering why motorola would put it there where is so easy to find and not block us from seeing it. I would think that if they find out we know about it they would block it for good on the next software release. I’ll see if after release 8 that page is still there. May be this are freq. they are expecting the FCC to release in the future. I don’t know, but my intention was to find out if I was the only one who bumped into it. I guess I was because in two threads I posted no one answered.

Oh and by the way… These are US modules. I’m in Texas

Very interesting…


5.7 GHz 27db reflector in slightly a different position on my roof brought received signal from -90 to -78, through trees.

Will be mounting the unit in the next few days…

I have used theses equinox grid reflectors (the 24" variety) on our 2.4 system. I am not impressed with them. They are not all that sturdy, and if you don’t get the arm that the Canopy mounts to set in the exact right spot, you will see no signal gain, and most likely signal loss. So, you have to be very precise with them, but the overall “non-durability” (is that a word?) makes that very difficult. If you can’t get signal with a plain old 27RD, you probably shouldn’t be doing the install.

What I have done on Backhaul links is had my BH’s “connectorized” (again, is that a word?) and used a Pac Wireless DA58-29 or DA58-32. This offers a few advantages. 1) More gain for longer links, 2) You can change the polarization of your beam if need be, 3) Has a tighter beam allowing for less interference and better reliability.[/quote]

Who connectorized your BH’s? What was the cost?

FDDI, Inc. ( They will connectorize any unit for $250, unless you have them do a bulk supply (10 or more), then they may give you a price break. As far as AP’s go, I have only used 900 MHz and 2.4 Ghz, so the 2.4’s are the only ones I have had connectorized, but they work GREAT! I have never used a 6 AP cluster, so I can’t compare singal strength/quality, but I know the price is a heck of a lot better to do one connectorized unit. Plus, if you fill up your AP with subs, you can just plop up a second one and keep going, still being way under-priced.

They also make GPS Timing units to use instead of Moto’s CMM’s. Their MiniGPS 2 has ports to time up to 16 AP’s/BH’s, and can be powered with either AC or DC power. You can actually use a Canopy Power Supply to power it if you wish. They don’t include a switch like the CMM, so you may use any switch you like. They run $549 I believe. Let me know if you would like any more info!


I am in Cali, Colombia, can you give me more info on how to acces the “other frecuencies” I use 5.7 and 5.2 equipment and I am having a lot of interferece problems.

My email is

What is the greatest distance in which you are using 2 backhauls? Mine is 16.7 miles

Right at 28 miles.

wow, thats pretty far.

I have no comment bout this coz i don’t use canopy for backhauling whatsoever…

I think acherman has some pretty impressive link distances with backhauls…