BH20 doesn't boots...

This morning I saw one of my BH20 and it doesn’t boots. When I connect it to UTP cable (wich has energy) the only light wich can be seen is the red one and the others stay off, and i cannot even ping the device.

it has been working fine and suddenly failed. What is causing this? what is the solution?

Is this BH receiving its DC voltage from a CMM or from a Canopy Power Supply? If a CMM, try a different port. If a power supply, try a different one. Make sure it’s not a bad power source first. If the power source seems to be OK, the module probably went bad.

In addition to another power supply, try a known good cable.

As msmith said, if the power supply is good, and the cable is good, the radio has died. Doesn;t happen often, but it does happen.

We had this happen acouple times with SM’s. Turned out to be the SM. It just died. New cable, ends POE, Power source didn’t do anything, replace the SM and it’s back up and running. Weird…but hardware fails