BH20 - Fallback to modulation level2


I think it would be a nice feature, if we can set a treshold on BH20 (like power level -75) when force it fallback to mod. level2 and goes back if no interference or high loss.
My BH20 link works great most of the times, but sometimes powerlevel goes up from -65 to -75 or even higher, when level4 modulation is not working or not stable, but level2 still survive well.
Maybe it can do with script (like checking powerlevel and if it drops, set fallback, reboot, enjoy) but the most elegant would be a config options :slight_smile:


anyone agree with me, or others not need such an option?

I’m not sure. I think it would be a nice feature but I have had experience with other radios doing a simlar thing and losing packets. The problem was when it was borderline good/bad RSSI and they would switch back and forth all the time.

If it was a feature where you could set “Good” and “Bad” values - when the level drops to X dbm, then switch to 2-level. If the level rises above Y dbm then switch back to 4-level. Y > X. So the level has to rise a bit above X dbm before it switches back - counteracts light fading.


Also, NO REBOOTS! I hate having to reboot a radio for something as trivial as changing a Site Name, or other things that other equipment doesn’t need a reboot for.


I agree on the reboots. It seems like they started getting the idea when they designed the software for the CMM Micro. If you notice, simple things such as chaning the Site Name, Contact, etc. do not require you to reboot the CMM. I think there are actually some advanced features such as setting a port speed and duplex that do not require a reboot either.

That’s true about the CMM Micro. I love those things. I like being able to turn power on/off almost instantly (after Saving Changes).

I wish they could incorporate some of those ideas into the radios. 7.2 Maybe? 8.0? I wish.