BH20 latency

We are trying a BH20 link and found that the latency is 20ms instead of 5-7ms expected.

Sotware release is 7.3.6 and scheduling is Hardware.

We tried both with 2X enabled and disabled: same result.

Shouldn’t hardware scheduling lower the latencty in BHs too???


I don’t think it does on BH… you latency tests are being done how ?

we get about 10-20 depending on how loaded the BH is… in extreme cases it can be upto 500-600ms

try setting it to software, I have 4 sets of 5.2Ghz BH20s with the same problem, the fix was to switch them back to software. They are all running 7.3.6.

latency goes up in Hardware mode from 3ms to 18 to 20ms. But in hardware mode it will auto change between 10 and 20 meg as needed

Put the Firmware to 7.2.x & ths will result in latency of 5-7 ms.

We had applied 7.3.x on hardware scheduling on BH-10 & found that latency was 20 ms.

Software sheduling clocks better latency.

I too am not able to understand why latency goes higher in h/w scheduling.

The only reason we went to the 7.3.6 is for the auto switching, there is about an hour a day it will fall back on the thru put

If you have one BH on that tower use Soft.S.lower latency
Motorola says you should use HS if you have several BH on one tower.

Juan Marriott