BH20 / PTP100 MIBS


I’ve been using Nagios to store and display various SNMP information about the radios that I have deployed on my network. For instance, Nagios reports up-to-date jitter and power levels, which has been real handy for our support staff.

One thing that I’m also trying to report is the power level and the jitter for BH20 / PTP100 radios.

I’ve been using the following link for the SNMP OID information: … ine_tools/

But, I’m having a hard time retrieving information from the PTP100 / BH20 radios. For instance, if you SNMPWALK the OID for an APs color code, it will return the proper color code for a BH20, but if you use an SMs OID for jitter and power level, it will return an error.

Basically, there doesn’t seem to be a separate MIB for the BH20 / PTP100 and using the OIDs from the other Motorola products does not work uniformly.

Does anyone know of a MIB that is specific for the BH20 / PTP100 Motorola products?

Thanks for the help!


Use AP for Master and SM for slave.

alot of the moto MIBs are outwardly hosed for NMS. You have to go in and edit out all the useless proprietary text they put in or alot of NMS wont compile them. If you wade through the online files though, there is a ZIP file with every single MIB in it. Moto is also primarily V2

Jerry, thanks for the reply! You were right, the BH master corresponds to the AP and the BH slave corresponds to the SM.