BH20 Slave turns on SM Classic

Hi everyone.

I got a pair of Canopy BH20 5,4Ghz thats working fine for an entire year, yesterday after a lighthing storm i lost connectivity to the slave side, i get it down from the tower and realized that it lost the entire configuration and the firmware turns on SM. How can it be possible?

Before the storm
CANOPY 10.3.1 BH20-DES
After the storm

There is some way that I can turn it back to BH?

maybe you need an RMA if this got a warranty

It’s possible you were burned.

Did you get these at “a really good price” off eBay? There were some folks that figured out how to hack the FPGA and turn SMs into AP’s and BH’s. A shock to the unit would set it right

thats a tragedy though.