BH20 with 8.1

Just a heads up… we upgraded a pair of BH20 units to 8.1 and we seem to have a problem keeping the link up.

The slave registers for a second then again goes to scanning.

Update: I went back down to 7.3.6 and the problem is resolved. Even with one link on 7.3.6 the link became stable enough for me to Flash the other BH with 7.3.6

IMH do not deploy 8.1.4 onto BH yet.

I’ve got 3 sets of 5.2Ghz BH20’s that when I deployed 8.1 the signal strength dropped about 30db, 1 link does not stay connected, they all would stay around -55 or so on the lowest power setting and now they sit between -81 to not working.

I had issues with BH’s when I did NOT upgrade the master first. I have never had any issues with which BH to upgrade first prior to 8.1.4 - but after two truck rolls I figured it out. When I upgrade the master first - all goes well.

I just want to confirm that if - as suggested - you upgrade the Master first and then upgrade the slave to 8.1.4 all will work well.

I will monitor this link for a day and then start the upgrade.

Many thanks for your help.