BHs Registering but won't connect

Has anyone else had this happen?

5.2Ghz PTP100, P9 boards

Distance is only 3.8 miles, both ends have a reflector dish.
Spectrum is absolutely clean on both sides.
The slave shows it’s syncing, and then registering but it won’t connect.

It shows that it sees the AP at -65 even.

We can’t figure out why it won’t connect.

sometimes its a bad radio. you can find out by turning it off for 3hrs or more, turn it on then it will connection, but as soon as it reaches 24hrs and 1sec, it will disconnect and will not connect again until you made it rest again for hours.

1, Using last fw?
2, Max distance setting on AP is…?

I ´ll go for bad radio. Swap roles and if you see the other radio with like -80 one of the radios is bad.
We have a couple of those and they became “short distance only bhs”

I got one with that case year ago, Online for 23hrs, on the 24th, it turns:


Check to see if the “24 Hour Encryption Refesh” is enabled (Security Tab). This will force the BHS to re-register once every 24 hours.

No prizm or bam server?
Can you check if there’s something in Stats->Reg failure in master?