BiDirectional transceivers support

Most switch manufacturers allow the use of Bidirectional (single fiber) transceivers. Cambium, unfortunately, it describes them in the system as unsupported. Transceivers operate in Netgear, Ubi, Mikrotik, Cisco, HP, Huawei, TP-Link, Alcatel, Extreme etc. Is there even a slightest chance that this support can be done? These are good transceivers, allowing you to save a lot of fiber in locations where there is no excess of them. I am happy to send you a pair of these transceivers so that you can provide this support :slight_smile:

If you execute show interface transceivers do you have Transceiver type info for that module?

Cambium says that it should work if that info is provide from sfp module. If not no link for you :grin:.

We have some bidi from 3rd party vendor and they work because they have Transceiver type but ubnt bidi which dont provide Transceiver type no luck.

And that same ubnt bidi are just fine with some other switch vendors, mikrotik, tplink, cisco sf 200/300/250/350…

ex1010P-4slonie-dom# sh interfaces transceivers
Unsupported transceiver inserted in interface Gi0/9
Unsupported transceiver inserted in interface Gi0/10,option-sfp-wdm-1-25gbps-sm-lc-10db-3km-tx1550-ddm.html,option-sfp-wdm-1-25gbps-sm-lc-10db-3km-tx1310-ddm.html

Both transceivers working with any know switches :slight_smile: but not Cambium.

Until Cambium supports any transceiver, SFP and SFP + will not be popular. Maybe someone in the US should finally understand this. Sentencing IT departments or implementation companies to search for random transceivers on the market that will work and will not necessarily be cheap, will not convince anyone. Even HP, using a special command, supports unauthorized transceivers (without supporting errors caused by these transceivers). Maybe Cambium will adopt a similar strategy? I think the software would not have to be changed too much?

Hi Pshemo (przemo)

We’ve had good luck with Fiberstore 1490nm-TX/1310nm
No much luck on any vendors 1310/1550 modules for whatever reason.

From support the vendors are incorrectly identifying the modules via identifiers burned into rom on modules from what I recall.

It’s worth your time to log a support case with Cambium and submit the modules details and let them have a look what might be going on.Doing so in future we might see that the modules might get supported via future firmware.

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For me, there is no problem with the operation of even the cheapest ones for € 7. But there is still info “unsupported tranciever” in the system even though everything is working normally.
This is some kind of coded trick in the cnmatrix system

Ah ok yours is a bit different to mine.
Still go log a case with support and see what if they can maybe have a look at it.

My case with support definitely points to that they don’t purposefully lock you out or try and make it hard to use a third party module but just a case of their coding or detection for modules aren’t picking up modules as they seem to adhere to strict rules/guidelines whilst other manufacturers put in hacks or use shortcuts for detection.

It’s kinda strange because I see those SFP’s have DDM support and that’s usually what the transciever id show commands use in their output.