BIG Problems with Vlan in QinQ mode

The problem is as follows:
In the picture there are 2 examples. On 1 Example, traffic from the switch and through SM1, via CMM4, to SM2, the vilan tag is removed from the packets. Accordingly, the packages on the client switch come without a tag. But...

When SM1 reconnects to AP1, and SM1 is also connected to it. That is, now traffic is passing as in Example 2. The problem is that in this case the packages with SM2 on the client switch go with tagged.

Why is this happening? How to fix this?

Hi Madmax,

Could you please send me CNUT captures or engineering.cgi of AP1, SM1 and SM2, to



Hi Madmax,

I've tested this out in our lab.

This is an issue and will be addressed in a future release.

Thanks for bringing this to our notice.

Best Regards,