Bird Protection

were starting to see some random damage to our stuff done by birds (like a chewed through Coax Cable)
just wondering what kind of actions you guys take to keep birds from damaging your equipment, or keep them away from it period?

Conduit for the cables.

We don’t see much bird damage around here, however we’ve had a handful of Hyperlink 13db antennas snap due to birds landing on the far end of the yagi - one of which was on a tower and at the fault of a bald eagle. We’ve switched to sturdier antennas since then.

No useful advice but I thought it would be a humorous side note. :smiley:

yea were right near the chesapeake bay and quite a few rivers and waterways. So we have quite a few Ospreys. which are pretty big birds. with very sharp talons. Says it all lol.