Birds on Yagi


I have started to get birds sitting on the yagi antenna.

Does that have an impact on the signal quality?

How can I keep them off?

I have read some people use cable zip ties on yagi TV Antennas.

Would the cable zip ties work or would they cause an issue with the signal and be another source for static buildup?

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Maybe get one of those fake owls or a hawk to place near the antenna?

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7 medium size birds sitting on the yagi affect the receive signal level?

The answer is YES.

I’m thinking of putting cable zip ties in between the elements pointing up.

Would the cable zip ties be an issue?

We need pictures.  :)  Not to laugh at your misfortune, but that would be a great picture IMO.


Never let it be said that I don't give'm what they want.


We had problems with birds and our 2.4 PMP100s a few times.  The wireframe dishes we use have a horizontal arm connecting the SM to the dish, and eagles/hawks would sleep on it directly between the SM and the dish.

We wrapped them in chicken wire, which worked just fine as the wires are too fine to be comfortable for larger birds.

Not sure if that would work on a yagi, or if it would cause signal issues with OFDM equipment.


Available at your local Academy, Home Depot or Lowes...

Only inceases the cost of an install by $12

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Go big or go home... this pterodactyl will keep your yagi safe:

Image result for pterodactyl

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Does it glow in the dark?   :  )

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Have had no luck ridding the yagi of the birds.

The cable zip ties were laughed at.

They actually did their best at moving the zip ties out of the way so that they are now parallel with the ground.

The yagi maybe too high for any visual deterrent near the bottom of the poll to scare the birds away.

Could you cable tie or otherwise attach a thin flat plastic or wooden board to the top?  That would keep the birds out of the way of the tines.


Good idea but with the amount of wind that this area gets I am afraid that the thin board would act like a rudder and try to move the yagi which is mounted on a guyed push up mast.

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Try fishing line. String a piece a few inches above the SM to the end of the yagi.




That’s another good idea.

Will look for some UV resistant line this weekend.

I’m wondering if there will be an issues when the line is wet, ice build up or if the birds will just sit on it.

This yagi is such a pain to get to. Ugh.

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Birds, Birds and more Birds.  They don't stop coming day, night, rain or shine.

Have not had a chance to try the fishing line but hope to have a chance this coming week to do so.

Had an idea.

Was wondering if I could attach plastic GOLF TEES down the center of the yagi using Silicone II.

Would they have an affect the RF?

I would need to space them close enough so that the birds would not have a place to land.

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Darn angry birds. Did you steal their eggs? Haha Anything plastic or fiberglass should not affect the RF at all as long as it has no ferrous content. Even a plastic/PVC/ABS radome would work well.


Now that's an idea find their nest and migrate them south or send them your way for the winter.

You know I was thinking about finding a section of thinwall pvc pipe that I could construct a radome out of as it never crossed my mind to look for a 6 foot yagi radome.

But then I started to think that it would only give them more room to sit.  :  (

Thanks for the idea.

What about an oiled thinwall PVC pipe?


get some plastic like cd case plastic, and hotglue some spikes to the top of the yagi ? Just make sure its nonconductive material you use to make the spikes.

Funny you post that today as I just finished attaching plastic golf tees with silicone II.

If I was sure that they would be transparent to the RF then I would attach with superglue or two part epoxy.

What do you think?