BIX Blocks

Does anyone know a good place to get BIX blocks. I’m having trouble finding a good source.

I’m looking for ones that have multiple RJ11 jacks. Also looking for ones that have RJ45 jacks as well

Sure - we use some from Belden, and buy them from Anixter (Anixter Canada is good to us for many things).

I know for sure they stock the RJ-45 units (Belden part #AX100798, Anixter part # 203498), but I’m not sure about the RJ-11 panels (4-pin, Belden part # A0330863), and RJ-12 panels (6-pin, Belden part # A0330864).


Thanks acherman. I’ll look into those.

Also found something that work for me at Nedco. And Then 2 days later I was at aclients house and he had BIX Telephone bridge that was exactly what I was looking…and where did he get it?..The Home Depot. Silly me for not checking there first :slight_smile: