BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Webinar from Ekahau

Watch out this webinar from Ekahau about BLE:

60% of users do not have Bluetooth turned on. That’s a lot of data lost.

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You are absolutely right. I think this Webinar is a good overview about a different technology for locationing and wayfinding.

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I've been interested in this for a bit now, what sort of BLE options does Cambium currently offer, or will offer, in their devices?

How about non BLE & a WiFi Beacon?

We have integrated BLE radios in our E430 and E600 Access Point. We are currently looking what kind of application (e.g. wayfinding, better location services in relation with Wi-Fi) we can build on top of it.

Very cool, and interesting.  I have some ideas for sure.  Is this something we will be able to interface with then?  IE analyze data on the AP, checking device types, connection quality, etc.  I use a Tile on my Kids backpack and on my dog's collar.  I've been exploring ideas of using outdoor AP's for city wifi, or park wifi, and then have the ability to integrate BLE to track my child for safety.  Lot's of applications to be had.

As a vendor working with Cambium, then I can wholeheartedly say yes of course.  We patended our own WiFi Beacons in the US & current usage across EMEA/ASPAC provides excellent results.

Bearing in mind, what your proposing is possible, it comes with limitations, insofar as the EU with GDPR etc, a great article is written here: