Blinking LED on the Canopy SM Lite Poe Power suply

Das anybody knows what a blinking LED on the Poersuply means ?
It the PSA15R-240/MOT from Phihong.

i called motorola tech support thursday about the blinking lite on the poe. they in all seriousness said they had know idea why it does it.

veeery helpful eh?

on edit: the blinking poe’s were attached to 3 ap’s that were damaged in a lightning storm so while there is no exact meaning , them blinking isnt a good sign

If I recall it’s over-current.

Jerry Richardson wrote:
If I recall it's over-current.

I agree. Or a bad power supply.

Most switching power supplies will shut down on overcurrent.

Regardless - something is broken, so swapping equipment/cables to determine the bad part is where I'd start.

Thanks to everyone, i got this morning an answer from the vendor of the Power supplys.

“On the PSA15R-240P(MOT)-R power supply, the LED blinks if the power supply is over-loaded, at which point the power supply goes into hiccup mode.

At 115VAC input if the power supply is over-loaded to 1.6A or at 230VAC input if the power supply is over-loaded 1.788A this condition will occur.”